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Robert Louis Stevenson had started awake in William Henley’s drawing room with such violence he’d almost toppled from the chair in which he practically lay. To his initial surprise, he found himself at Henley’s writing desk, Fanny’s letter in his hand, a fire burning in the hearth. Everything right.

In his waking hours, Louis worked hard to deny all that had happened. But when sleep came—as indeed it must—he wrestled helplessly against the facts of his subconscious, the quarter of his being self-delusion could not penetrate. Flashing yellow eyes obscured suddenly by a fallen hood; claws that swiped, transforming from keratin to steel before sinking into soft flesh; the brays of a donkey punctuated by the click-clack of her tiny hooves retreating into the deeper recesses of Louis’s brain where he feared she could not be safe. To say nothing of the blood.

Louis straightened a little, pushing himself up in the chair, feeling the stationary of the letter between his fingers, the warmth of the fire on his legs. He could use a drink. It was only after one of these terrible dreams that he would willfully allow himself to think of everything that had occurred, and now, his tired reason fell languidly into that state, thinking, remembering, witnessing all over again . . . .

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I’m afraid I have no Metal Monday post for tomorrow, as I’ve spent all weekend doing a ton of mindless busy work — I’ve scheduled all the posts for Florida Man Friday, The Beast of Gévaudan, and Florida Man: Battle of the Five Meth Labs: A Love Story,  among other things.

So, here’s how it’ll shake out:

The Beast of Gévaudan will start tomorrow (9am) and new bits will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until it’s all up.

Florida Man will start on Tuesday (9am) and new bits will be posted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until The Beast of Gévaudan in up in its entirety. So, starting November 6th (Friday), Florida Man will take over the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Schedule.

Florida Man Fridays every Friday till the first week of March.

There is another reason there’s no Metal Monday tomorrow — I’ve been super busy with something else, so I haven’t been able to return to working on the Devine Step story (though I certainly will once I get a few things straightened out). I can’t say at the moment what I’m busy with, as it’s not entirely official yet (and I don’t want to jinx it), but as soon as it is, I’ll announce it here. It’ll probably keep me busy for the next couple of years, but, again, once I get into a groove with it, I’ll find time to write other things (and get back to my metal-based stories!).

Anyway…tomorrow, we start The Beast of Gévaudan


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