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You didn’t think I made up Rupert and Shit Pail being trapped in an unlocked closet, did you?

Amber Campbell and John Arwood spent two days trapped in an unlocked janitor’s closet at the Daytona State College’s Marine and Environmental Science Center. They entered the closet on Sunday and it wasn’t until Tuesday that Arwood decided to call 911. Police discovered there was not a functioning lock on the door when they arrived. Best part: Law enforcement found human feces and “suspected” drug paraphernalia, but no drugs. Where the drugs went is apparently a mystery, but presumably there were enough drugs to take two days to ingest. They were charged with trespassing. Arwood had a number of previous arrests and was keeping busy throughout 2019 with grand thefts, burglary, and assaults—he is listed as currently transient, though “on supervision.” Bonus Arwood Fact: His numerous tattoos include one described as “GROIN: 83, GODS GIFT.”

Jauragui, Andres. “Florida Couple Spent Days in Unlocked Closet, Thought They Were Trapped: Cops.” HuffPost News. Verizon Media. January 2, 2015.

That’s it! That’s the last one! Who’d have thought I’d have enough Florida Man Friday citations to last until the first week of March? Well, here we are, and now I need to come up with a new Friday post…dang…

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